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Worth Park Pound Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, England Lottery funded with the help of Worth Park Friends    
The   Friends   and   Crawley   Borough   Council   have   been   working   together   since   June   2009   to   secure Heritage   Lottery   Funding    for   Worth   Park.   Some   of   our   members   worked   already   on   the   first   bid   for Lottery funding which was submitted in 2007 by our predecessors, the Friends of Worth Park Gardens.  This   public   park   and   the   former   stable   block,   Ridley’s   Court,   are   all   that   remains   of   a   former   country estate   which   was   owned   by   a   branch   of   the   Montefiore   family.   After   the   First   World   War,   Milton   Mount College,   a   boarding   school   for   girls,   bought   the   Montefiore   mansion   and   parts   of   the   landholdings.   The school relocated in 1960 and sold the site to Crawley Borough Council (1963). Main    features    of    the    park    are    Ridley’s    Court ,    containing    a    fully    refurbished    meeting    room    and interpretation   centre,   the   formal   gardens   with   the   Camellia   Walk    -   which   is   unique   in   its   design   -,   the large   Pulham    Fountain ,   an   Italianate   Terrace   (also   by   James   Pulham   and   Son),   Croquet   lawns   and the lake  with its four small islands.
Some   of   our   camellias   were   already   in   flower   on   26/11/2017,   here   shown   bathed   in the   last   rays   of   late   autumn   sun,   photo:   Ingrid   Payne;   the   large   Pulham   Fountain   on   a glorious   autumn   morning   28/10/2017,   photo:   Michael   Good   -   Wood   carving   of   the Montefiores’   prized   Channel   Island   Cattle   (detail)   -   Grey   Wagtail   (7/9/2017),   last   two photos by Tom Howard-Jones
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Our aim is to support and encourage restoration of the historic features of the gardens