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Worth Park Lake, Egyptian Goslings February/May 2018
Photos taken by Tom Howard-Jones on 23/2/2018 (first 3 photos) and 18/3/2018 (photo 7) and 9,  Ingrid Payne photos 4 to 6 (28/2/2018) and 8
Egyptian Goose with 11 goslings, Tom Howard-Jones two young Egyptian goslings, Tom Howard-Jones Egyptian goslings Worth Park Crawley, Tom Howard-Jones
Inspite   of   the   polar   expedition   on   28/2/2018,   all   11   goslings   are   still   accounted   for   as   the   parents kept them warm when needed.
18/3/2018;   Snow   again,   but   the   goslings   are   quite   big   now.   Photo   by   Tom Howard-Jones
16/4/2018; Egyptian Goose family,  photo  Ingrid Payne
4/5/2018; Egyptian Goose family,  photo  Tom Howard-Jones