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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote: Friday 13th April 2018 - 09:30 to 11:30 The   birds   and   plants   think   that   spring   is   coming.   But   the   weather was   still   grey   and   chilly.   The   Weeping   Willows   are   bright   in   their yellow-green   new   leaves.   The   Pussy   Willow   buds   are   full   and fluffy.   The   Horse   Chestnut   sticky   buds   have   burst.   For   a   while we   could   only   see   one   Great   Crested   Grebe .   Then   we   found the   other   one   sitting   on   their   nest   under   the   branches   hanging off   the   big   island.   We   are   hoping   for   a   new   brood   soon.   There were   single   Coots    and   Moorhens    too.   Maybe   their   partners   are sitting   on   eggs   somewhere. A   Canada   Goose    is   sitting   on   a   nest on   the   small   island.   Some   Herring   Gulls    flew   over   the   park   but there   were   no   gulls   at   all   on   the   lake.   The   family   of   11   Egyptian   Geese   goslings    are   still   thriving.   They   are   moulting   into   their proper   plumage   and   they   are   nearly   as   big   as   their   parents. Further   on   in   Grattons   Park    there   are   lovely   carpets   of   Wood Anemonies.   There   were:   a   Sparrowhawk ;   a   Greater   Spotted   Woodpecker  and a Tree Creeper  there too. A   full   list   of   the   birds   seen   in   Worth   Park   is   given   in   the   Bird Table. Dawn Chorus Walk - Saturday 7th April 2018 - 06:00 to 07:30 Led by Tom Forward. It   was   still   dark   as   we   gathered   to   start   the   walk.   Thankfully   it was   dry   and   not   too   cold.   18   people   of   all   ages   had   turned   up and   we   took   a   moment   to   listen   to   a   range   of   songs   before   we started    walking.    Tom    soon    had    us    tuning    in    to    the    most noticeable    ones    -    the    Great    Tits    and    the    Blackbirds     being interrupted   by   the   Crows    and   the   Jackdaws .   By   the   time   we had   finished   we   would   have   learnt   to   recognise   Nuthatches , Greenfinches ,    Blue    Tits ,    Robins ,    Wrens ,    Chiffchaffs     and many   more.   We   heard   a   Great   Spotted   Woodpecker    drumming and   then   found   it   high   in   a   bare   tree.   We   were   jealous   when Tom told   us   that   he   had   seen   a   Lesser   Spotted   Woodpecker   this   year already.   At   one   point   we   thought   we   heard   a   Buzzard   mewing.   But   Tom    felt    it    might    be    an    impersonation    by    a    Jay.     Sure enough   he   was   right   and   we   found   the   culprit   in   a   nearby   tree. The   Egyptian   goslings   are   growing   well   and   there   are   still   11 present.   The   pair   of   Great   Crested   Grebes    were   working   on   a nest   in   the   overhanging   branches   on   the   main   island.   Siskins were    in    the    tops    of    trees    by    the    meadows.   An    early    Spring migrant,   a   Chiffchaff ,   was   singing   the   wooded   area   below   the lake.   Two   Goldcrests   were   feeding   in   a   yew   tree.   In   total   we saw   or   heard   29   species   of   birds.   The   humble   Stock   Dove   found   by   Tom   was   a   new   bird   for   my   park   list.   It   is   strange   that   it takes   an   expert   to   spot   such   an   everyday   bird. A   full   list   is   given in the Bird Table. As   always   we   are   so   grateful   to Tom   for   his   expertise,   his   powers of   hearing   and   mimicry   and   for   making   the   whole   experience   so enjoyable. Sunday 18th March 2018 - 09:15 to 10:30 It   was   grey   with   a   raw   breeze.   Snow   lay   on   the   ground   but   the lake   had   no   ice.   Children   were   sledging   and   building   snowmen. Daffodils stood bravely above the soggy soil. A   group   of   Siskins    were   feeding   in   the   yew   trees   near   entrance to   the   park.   A   Great   Spotted   Woodpecker   flew   into   the   trees near   the   tennis   court.   I   am   sure   they   are   always   around   but   we don't often see them. The   pair   of   Egyptian   Geese    still   have   11   goslings   and   they   are growing well. They seem to be attentive parents. A    male    and    a    female    Mallard     were    good    to    see    and    might hopefully be a pair. Two   Great   Crested   Grebes ,   two   Coot    and   two   Moorhens   were also   encouraging   sights.   We   hope   that   they   may   breed   and   re- colonise the lake. Many   Black-headed   Gulls    are   still   around   and   most   of   them now   have   their   black   head   plumage.   Soon   they   will   be   moving off to their breeding sites. The   Pulham   island   looked   even   more   exotic   with   a   sprinkle   of snow. A full list of the birds seen is given in the Bird Table. Friday 23rd February 2018 - 09:45 to 11:30 We   enjoyed   a   bright   sunny   walk   around   the   park.   But   it   was   still   chilly with patches of ice on the lake. Last   Sunday   (18-02-18),   a   male   Pheasant   was   seen   in   a   garden bordering   the   park   and   photographed.   It   subsequently   flew   off   into the park -  a new bird for our local list. The   pair   of   Egyptian   Geese   now   have   11   goslings .   So,      they   have lost one over the last week. There   are   two   Coots    and   two   Great   Crested   Grebes .   It   is   good   to see them back and let's hope that they are pairs that will breed. Several    passerines    were    singing,    including:    Robins ;    Blackbirds ; Greenfinches ; Chaffinches  and House Sparrows . There   were   a   few   Herring   Gulls    with   the   Black-headed   Gulls    and the usual flock of Canada Geese . We   had   good   views   of   a   Goldcrest    flitting   about   on   a   sunlit   trunk   in the wooded area below the lake. Our   Blackbird   with   a   white   collar   was   on   the   lawn   in   front   of Ridley's Court - his regular haunt. A full list of the birds seen is on the Bird Table. Monday, 12 February 2018 This   morning   our   pair   of   Egyptian   Geese    appeared   on   the   main island in the lake with a brood of some 10 babies. They look only a few days old. We   also   saw   a   Coot.    That   is   very   encouraging   as   it   is   the   first   one we have seen since the algae problems last summer. Monday, 22nd January 2018, 10:45 to 12:30 A   brief   spell   of   sunshine   had   cheered   the   birds   up   and   many   were singing   as   we   set   off. There   are   early   signs   of   spring.   Snowdrops   are out   and   catkins   have   appeared.   A   pair   of   Magpies   were   repairing their   domed   nest   in   the   tree   by   the   path   down   through   the   meadow. At   first   we   could   only   see   one   Egyptian   Goose   and   we   wondered   if the   other   one   might   be   sitting   on   a   nest   somewhere.   They   breed early   and   nest   in   trees.   It   would   be   good   to   find   it.   Later   we   saw   the two    together    so    they    are    both    here.    There    were    fewer    Canada Geese   and   Black-headed   Gulls   on   the   lake.   Two   Buzzards    were circling   to   the   north.   We   saw   four   species   of   tit   during   the   visit.   There were   several   Goldcrests    busy   in   the   yew   trees.   We   had   a   brief glimpse   of   a   red   crest   but   could   not   be   sure   that   it   was   a   Firecrest. Some   Redwings    are   still   present   -   and   we   have   had   them   in   our garden too. A full list of the birds seen is given in the table. Thursday 4th January 2018, 11:30 to 13:30 I   managed   to   find   a   brighter   spell   in   an   otherwise   grey,   chilly   and blustery   day.   There   were   several   Robins    singing   in   their   territories around   the   park.   More   Grey   Squirrels   than   usual   were   chasing   about on   the   ground   and   in   the   trees. A   Goldcrest   was   flitting   in   one   of   the large   yew   trees   with   some   Blue   Tits    and   a   Song   Thrush .   There   are still   Redwings.    But   you   have   to   wait   for   a   lull   in   the   dog   walker   traffic to   see   them.   Some   of   the   Canada   Geese    are   pairing   up   and   one hardy   couple   were   even   mating.   A   Cormorant    flew   in   a   stayed   for   a short   while.   In   Grattons   Park    there   were   two   Mistle   Thrushes    again as   well   as   several   more   Redwings    and   Greenfinches .   A   full   list   of the birds seen is given in the table.
Egyption Goose with goslings  Photo: Tom Howard-Jones 23/2/2018  Pheasant 18/2/2018 Egyption Goose with goslings,   photo: Robin Wilson, 12/2/2018 Robin, photo Ingrid Payne The pair of Great Crested Grebes in full spring plumage. Photo: Ingrid Payne 24/2/2018  Stock Dove  Moorhen, Worth Park lake 16th April 2018
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