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Friday 4th May 2018 - 06:30 to 09:00 This   is   a   fascinating   and   frantic   time   of   year   for   our   birds.   We   made   the effort   and   started   early   on   a   beautiful   sunny   morning.   There   were   plenty of   bird   songs   and   calls   in   the   park.   Several   of   the   water   birds   have brought   their   families   out   into   the   open. A   pair   of   Mallard   Ducks    have   six ducklings    (slideshow    above).    It    was    difficult    to    work    out    how    many families   of   Canada   Geese    there   are;   but   at   least   three   with   numbers   of goslings   from   one   to   six   in   each   group   (slideshow). The   Egyptian   Goose goslings    are   nearly   as   big   as   their   parents   and   almost   indistinguishable from   them   as   they   are   moulting   into   their   first   full   plumage.   One   of   the young   seemed   to   be   missing;   but   it   could   have   been   elsewhere.   The Great   Crested   Grebe    is   still   sitting   on   their   nest. At   first   we   could   not   see the   other   partner.   In   due   course   we   found   it   (slideshow).   Hopefully   they will    be    successful.    For    the    first    time    for    several    visits    we    saw    a Kingfisher.    It   flew   out   of   a   bush   close   to   us   on   the   bank   of   the   lake.   In   all we   saw   it   three   times   but   not   for   long.   There   was   a   commotion   in   one   of the   trees   nearby.   There   was   a   magnificent   Sparrowhawk    sitting   out   in the   open   in   full   sunlight.   It   stayed   for   a   while   for   us   to   photograph   and admire    (slideshow).    The    Bluebells,     Cowslips    and    Primroses    are    out. Many   of   the   trees   are   in   blossom;   the   Horse   Chestnut   and   a   pale   blue Rhododendron   were   particularly   pretty.   Speckled   Wood   butterflies    were warming up in the morning sun (slideshow). A full list of the birds seen in Worth Park is given in the Bird Table .
Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
12th May 2018
Saturday 12th May 2018 - A casual walk around the park this morning There is a family of Coots with 4 very new chicks swimming in the lake. It seems that they first appeared yesterday. That is good news after the problems of last year. The pair of Mallards still have 6 ducklings. It now looks like one of the juvenile Egyptian Geese has gone missing. There are 10 young with the pair of adults. There are some 10+ Canada Geese goslings in different groupings. A young Robin was being fed by an adult in the bushes. A Kingfisher flew up from the lake with a fish and went out of the park. There are Moorhens around but no signs yet of any young ones. The Great Crested Grebe is still sitting on the nest and the partner is still in the lake.
All photos: Tom Howard-Jones 4/5/2018