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Our aim is to support and encourage restoration of the historic features of the gardens
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Officially opened  on 3rd April 2017
The   Sussex   based   sculptor   Simon   Groves , who    created    also    our    Time    Line    Totem , carved   the   three   cows   from   a   180-year   old oak    tree,    which    came    from    the    Petworth estate.    The    Montefiores    kept    prize-winning cattle    at    Worth    Park.    Buildings    remaining from     the     large     estate     complex     are     still standing     today     on     Grattons     Drive.     The sculptures   have   been   erected   on   front   of   the ha-ha,    an    unobtrusive    gardening    feature, which   had   been   used   for   many   years   (e.g. mentioned    in    Jane   Austen    novels)    to    keep cattle and deer out of the formal gardens.
Pulham planter, Photo: Pam Graham
Latest Awards South and South East in Bloom 2017: Worth Park were given a Silver-Gilt Award in the Heritage Category on Wednesday, 20th September December 2016: The gardens were awarded the prestigious Landscape Institute Heritage and Conservation Award for the Pulham Garden at Worth Park

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Regular activities organized by Crawley BC Gardening Group: Wednesdays 10 a.m. Ridley’s Court Have a look at photos of the group’s first longer walk
Costume Group: Thursdays 2 p.m. Ridley’s Court
Pictures from the Fungi Foray on 1st Oct. 2017
Our Birds in the News Worth Park Bird sightings are reported  not only on our website, but our member Tom Howard-Jones passes his recordings on to the Bird Track and I- Record web sites. From there, the records are collected by a number of interested bodies including the Sussex  Ornithological Society (SOS). Tom writes: “The SOS publishes an annual county Bird Report and the 2016 edition has just come out. Worth Park/Milton Mount Park now gets a number of specific mentions as a notable county site for some species including  our Muscovy Duck and our breeding Egyptian Geese. Hopefully we will get more mentions in the 2017 edition.
Programme for Tuesday, 13th February 2018: Brian Campion from the Sussex Woodcraft Society will give a talk entitled “Good news about Trees”