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Officially opened on 3rd April 2017 The   Sussex   based   sculptor   Simon   Groves,   who   created   also   our Time   Line   Totem,   carved   the   three   cows   from   a   180-year   old   oak tree,   which   came   from   the   Petworth   estate.   The   Montefiores   kept prize-winning   cattle   at   Worth   Park.   Buildings   remaining   from   the large   estate   complex   are   still   standing   today   on   Grattons   Drive. The   sculptures   have   been   erected   on   front   of   the   ha-ha,   an unobtrusive   gardening   feature,   which   had   been   used   for   many years   (e.g.   mentioned   in   Jane   Austen   novels)   to   keep   cattle   and deer out of the formal gardens.
Photo: “The little one” Tom Howard-Jones