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The new Tree Sculpture at Ridley’s Court   Chainsaw   Sculptor   Simon   Groves   created   “a   wooden sculpture   with   references   to   the   history   and   heritage of   Worth   Park”.   The   original   sketch   shows   the   deer as    reference    to    the    former    medieval    deer    park, followed   by   the   crest   of   the   Montefiores,   then   owls and   books   for   Milton   Mount   College   and   flowers   etc. for the public park. Have    a    look    at    more    details    on    Michale    Good’s photos  below. Pam   Graham   has   supplied   the   link   to   the   explanation of   the   Montefiore   winery   crest    depicted   underneath the stag’s head on the actual carving (6/9/2016).    
Photo: Ingrid Payne (30th October 2016)
Isabella Chatterjee (6/9/2016):  photo taken of the coat of arms in the Montefiore Hall, Three Bridges; the motto reads: “Think and Thank”.
Six photos taken by Michael Good 3rd October 2016