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Membership   of   Worth   Park   Friends   is   open to    all    and    costs    £18.50    per    year    for individuals     and     £34.00     for     couples, families   or   clubs.   Reductions   are   available if   joining   late   in   the   year.   New   members joining    in    December    2019    will    only    be charged for 2020. Please note: No   charges   with   be   levied   for   tea/coffee and biscuits. The   membership   year   is   the   same   as   the calendar year. We   can   also   offer   associate   membership for   people   who   are   not   able   to   come   to   our monthly   meetings.   The   associate   rate   is £4.00     for     individuals     and     £5.00     for couples.   We   hold   monthly   talks   (except   for   August). Occasionally,     we     issue     newsletter     and organize    visits    to    gardens    and    related attractions.
Membership 2020   
Next Meeting Tuesday, 11th February 2020: Ian Everest  will speak about “Shepherds of the South Downs - their lives and times” 2 p.m. at Ridley’s Court Montefiore Room Look at the Programme for 2020
Guests    are   welcome   if   introduced by   a   member   in   advance   and   pay £3.00    per    session,    this    includes refreshments.   You   may   attend   two meetings     as     a     guest,     but     for further     meetings,     please     join. Guests     are     excluded     from     the AGM. Join   us   at   one   of   our   meetings   or contact us !    
‘Autumn Sunlight over Ridley’s Court’, Photo: Michael Good, 6th November 2019