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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Dawn Chorus Walk - Saturday 7th April 2018 - 06:00 to 07:30 Led by Tom Forward It was still dark as we gathered to start the walk. Thankfully it was dry and not too cold. 18 people of all ages had turned up and we took a moment to listen to a range of songs before we started walking. Tom soon had us tuning in to the most noticeable ones - the Great Tits  and the Blackbirds  being interrupted by the Crows   and the Jackdaws . By the time we had finished we would have learnt to recognise Nuthatches, Greenfinches, Blue Tits, Robins, Wrens, Chiffchaffs  and many more. We heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker  drumming and then found it high in a bare tree. We were jealous when Tom told us that he had seen a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker this year already. At one point we thought we heard a Buzzard mewing. But Tom felt it might be an impersonation by a Jay . Sure enough he was right and we found the culprit in a nearby tree. The Egyptian goslings are growing well and there are still 11 present. The pair of Great Crested Grebes  were working on a nest in the overhanging branches on the main island. Siskins  were in the tops of trees by the meadows. An early Spring migrant, a Chiffchaff , was singing the wooded area below the lake. Two Goldcrests  were feeding in a yew tree. In total we saw or heard 29 species of birds. The humble Stock Dove  found by Tom was a new bird for my park list. It is strange that it takes an expert to spot such an everyday bird. As always we are so grateful to Tom for his expertise, his powers of hearing and mimicry and for making the whole experience so enjoyable. A full list of the birds seen is given in the Bird Table .