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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Sunday 10th June 2018 - 07:15 to 09:15 Families, Reunions and a New Bird Early it was unexpectedly chilly. When we reached the lake there was surprisingly not a single bird to be seen. As we searched and the day warmed up more birds came into view. There were more House Sparrows  and Starlings  than usual feeding on the lawns.  Family groups of Blue , Great  and Long-tailed Tits  were calling and being fed in the trees. Two families of Mallard Ducks  were on the lake. One had well- grown juveniles and the other was made up of very young ducklings. The Canada   Goose goslings  are nearly as big as their parents and are starting to get their adult colouring. A Coot  was guarding a small chick. The Egyptian Goslings  are almost fully grown and are beginning to separate from their family group. It is good to see the general breeding success after the problems in the lake last year. We saw one of the Great Crested Grebes . There was no sign of the other and the nest was not occupied. It seems that they have not produced young this year. Jackdaws  were noisily harrying any Crows  that came near to their territory. We saw a Grey Heron  on the lake and several Swifts  were flying high above. It is a long time since we have seen either of these. Two Terrapins  were hauled out on one of the islands. There was a dead fox cub by the side of the path. We caught a brief sighting and heard the distinctive call of a Green Woodpecker  as it was frightened off the main lawn by an uncontrolled dog. That is a new bird for our park list - a pity that we did not get a longer view. A full list of the birds seen is given in the Bird Table .